Social Support

MHDS is live on Twitter @yorkumhds


Establish social support systems early in the term, such as participation in:

  1. Groups and workshops through MHDS.
  2. Groups and workshops through Personal Counselling within CDS (Counselling & Disability Services)

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is for students registered with MHDS. Students are mentored by upper level students who themselves are part of MHDS. They are available to meet with you on an as needed basis during the school term. They can help familiarize you with services and resources on campus and provide you with encouragement and support. For more information please contact your MHDS disability counsellor.


Students registered with MHDS can enrol in our List Serve. To maintain the privacy of all list-serve users, messages are sent to undisclosed recipients. The list-serve is not a chat-line, but rather is a quick and effective means of sharing information relevant to your education.