Academic Support

The request for academic accommodations and/or support involves some level of self-disclosure. To access academic accommodations, students are expected to inform their instructors of their educational needs early in the term. This disclosure involves:

  1. Providing "Letters of Accommodation" to course directors and TA's. These letters are updated annually by our disabilities counsellors.  Starting summer 2015, many students registered with Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS) will be able to complete an online form to request their Letters of Accommodation.  Learn more at Request for Letters of Accommodation.
  2. Please remember to pick-up your Letters of Accommodation.  It is expected that students registered with our office who require test/exam, classroom or practicum accommodations will discuss their academic accommodation needs and provide Letters of Accommodations to each of their course directors/professors at the start of the academic term or as early in the term as reasonably possible.

While a student's diagnostic information is confidential, it is helpful for instructors to understand how a student's disability impacts on his/her academic performance. All medical information remains in a confidential file within MHDS.

Starting summer 2015, students registered with MHDS who need to see their Disability Counsellor about a concern that can be addressed in 15 minutes, can use "Admin Drop-In" appointment times.  To learn more, click on this link Admin Drop-In Appointments.