Registration FAQ

How do I register with MHDS?

If you have a diagnosed mental health disability, a Medical Documentation Form and a Student Intake Questionnaire will need to be completed and submitted to MHDS in order to register. For more information, please see the Registration Info page.

Is there a deadline for registration with MHDS?

Part-time and full-time York University students can register with MHDS during any semester in which they are enrolled, or during the semester before expected enrollment. Registration at MHDS is continuous throughout all semesters, but, if possible, registering early in the semester is best.

There is no deadline for registration, but there are important considerations to keep in mind.

Exam accommodations take at least three weeks to arrange, so if a student registers with MHDS two weeks before a test, it is unlikely they will receive accommodations in time for that test.

Students who register during the December or April official exam periods will not be able to access exam accommodations until the following semester.

Can I register with MHDS if I am in the 3rd or 4th year of my program?

Students with mental health disabilities can register with MHDS during any year of study they feel it necessary to access services.

How quickly will I meet with a Disabilities Counsellor once I submit my Medical Documentation Form and Student Intake Questionnaire?

MHDS Staff review new documentation weekly. We endeavour to schedule Intake appointments 2 weeks after documentation is received.

Can I register with MHDS if I have been recently diagnosed with a mental health disorder?

Yes. If you are very newly diagnosed, you will be able to access MHDS services on a temporary basis (1-3 semesters) until more updated medical documentation is able to be provided.

Can my therapist fill out the Medical Documentation Form?

The Medical Documentation Form must be filled out by a medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist.

If you would like your social worker, psychotherapist, counsellor, or other health practitioner to provide information to our office, we will review it. However, a Medical Documentation Form filled out by medical doctor or psychologist will be necessary to access services from MHDS.

Can I submit medical documentation from my high school/from another university?

To register with MHDS we will need up-to-date information on our Medical Documentation Form MHDS Medical Form

You can submit other documentation in order to provide further information to your Disabilities Counsellor, but the Medical Documentation Form is still required.

I am away from school/hospitalized. How can I submit my Medical Documentation Form?

Why do I have to provide MHDS with medical documentation?

It is the student’s responsibility to provide MHDS with medical documentation of their disability. This is necessary so Disabilities Counsellors can fully address the specific functional limitations of your disability. MHDS has a responsibility to ensure that all disability claims are properly documented and this is the only way your eligibility for reasonable academic accommodations can be confirmed.

Will my registration with MHDS appear on my transcript?

No. Your registration with the service is confidential.

Will my Professors know I am registered with MHDS or know my diagnosis?

If you register with MHDS and access academic accommodations, your Professors will know that you are registered with Disability Services when you provide them with an Accommodation Letter. They will not know the nature of your disability, or what disability office you are registered with, unless you disclose it to them.

Can I register with MHDS if I am debarred?

You can submit the Medical Documentation Form and the Student Intake Questionnaire if you are debarred. Staff will review the information and get in touch about the timeline for the first appointment.

If I have multiple disabilities, which Disability Office should I register with?

Students who are diagnosed with multiple disabilities should contact the Disability Services unit that provides support for the disability that they feel has the most significant impact on their academic performance.

Students with primary diagnoses of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder are recommended to register with Learning Disability Services.

Find out about registration with Learning Disability Services or Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services.

Can MA and PhD students register with MHDS?

Yes. For more information on graduate student registration, please see the graduate student FAQ page.