In order to register with Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS), students must submit a Medical Documentation Form and Disability Services Student Questionnaire.

Important Note Regarding MHDS Registration:

Students submitting completed registration packages and require exam accommodations are not able to access the online exam accommodation system for end of term exams.  Test and exam accommodations are set up through the Alternate Exam Centre.  The last day to submit online accommodation requests for the Winter 2017 term was Wednesday, March 15.

Should students require exam accommodations you may want to contact your Course Director and explain that you are waiting for registration with disability services and that the deadline has passed to book online exam requests through the Alternate Exam Centre.

If you choose to, you may want to ask your Course Director for permission to reschedule your exam until such time as you have met with a Disability Counsellor and arrangements can be made with the Alternate Exams.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause and invite you to contact , Mark Mingail, Manager, MHDS  at with any further questions / concerns.

Thank you.


Read this important information about Documentation Guidelines for Students with Mental Health Disabilities.


To register, a MHDS Medical Documentation Form must be filled out and signed by a medical practitioner or registered psychologist. Print the form from the link above. Completed forms must be uploaded to our online Disability Services Student Questionnaire.  A meeting will be scheduled with a disability counselor once your registration information (Medical Documentation Form and online questionnaire) have been reviewed by our office.

Information for students with multiple diagnoses is available from the Disability Services website.